The A.P.E. Center strives to give as many Appalachian children access to the arts as possible. In Athens County, one of the state’s poorest counties, expendable income is limited, so the A.P.E. Center has created a scholarship program that pays for a portion, or the entirety of admission fees, for attending an A.P.E. camp session.  These scholarships have helped dozens of children, and the A.P.E. center is delighted to be able to help.

Thank you for providing scholarships, my child would not have had the opportunity without it!” – Ellis Family

To apply for a scholarship, we ask that you send us a brief letter, explaining your child’s interest in the arts, your contact information,  and feel free to add any additional information that explains your desire for the scholarship. We ask that the letters be sent in an email or as an attachment (.doc or .docx formats only). Email to apply for a scholarship now.

To sponsor a scholarship, or a portion of a scholarship we request that you send us a brief letter that notifies the center of your intent to provide donation that will help provide financial support to a scholarship recipient. Email to sponsor.