“Theater, Music, and Art Programs for Building Character and Self Confidence”

The Appalachian Progressive Education is a non-profit organization  located in  the heart of Athens, Ohio. The A.P.E. Center seeds were planted by Dominika Adamova in 2005 when she came to Athens from her hometown Prague, Czech Republic and launched a series of art and theater programs in newly opened ARTS/West.

The A.P.E. Center itself was established in 2006 when Domi invited other community members to create a board of directors and help her start a non-profit organization. A.P.E. Center was incorporated as 501 c in 2007 and incubated by ARTS/West in Athens until 2012.

Since its very beginnings, the A.P.E. Center has given children in Southeast Ohio access to programs like music, theater, and arts & crafts camps,  traveling-in-schools educational theater plays, and after-school art enrichment classes.  These programs allow children and youth to express their creativity in new exciting ways, create friendships and lasting memories, and better explore, understand, and appreciate the arts.

In spring 2013, A.P.E. Center launched its Language Center offering a variety of foreign language classes along with the arts and culture across-the-globe education. Using the European style of teaching foreign languages,  A.P.E. LC provides language/culture education to children as young as 2 years old. In addition, A.P.E. LC also serves Athens international population by teaching English-as-a-second language, including Survival English and TOEFL Preparation classes.

 At the A.P.E. Center, we are dedicated to providing high quality progressive educational programs to young people in southeastern Ohio. We are also committed  to ending bullying and to teaching tolerance. The A.P.E. Center provided its original bullying prevention program called “Bully-proof School” to over 800 K-6 students in the Athens and Nelsonville areas.

We work in cooperation with many other local organizations, schools, and community leaders and members alike to promote wellness in our children and youth, and further ensure success in their futures.